Turning Awareness into Action.

Throughout the month of September, blood cancer awareness activities and events have been going on around the world. Just days ago on 9/22, we observed the “Super Bowl” of awareness for the Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML) community with World CML Day. The collective hope is that someone, somewhere, would learn more about CML and better

Some things to ponder on World CML Day

Today, 9/22, is a day known well among those of us in the CML community. It’s a day set aside for awareness activities and a time to call attention to the many challenges faced by anyone living with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia. Over the past seven years, awareness initiatives have grown in scope, rising from the

How much do you want to remember? A survivor reflects on her cancer anniversary

I forgot my cancer anniversary this year.  Somehow, the date that that is forever embedded in my memory slipped my mind.  My children reminded me of this over dinner except they called it my birthday causing me to stare at them perplexed.  They stared back at me and asked, “Isn’t today, like, your birthday or

Connection. It’s Priceless to Say the Least!

For most of us, it is not too difficult to recall a time in life when we felt left out, misunderstood, or alone. As human beings we long for a connection with others. Connection strengthens us; helps us face life’s challenges; and deepens our appreciation for those who share common interests and experiences. When we’re

Reflections on 9/22 – From Awareness to Action

Tri-fect-a /trīˈfektə/ – a run of three wins or grand events. September is an “awareness” trifecta at my house. September 22 is CML Awareness Day and the entire month is designated Leukemia Awareness and Childhood Cancer Awareness month. While I’m honored to have the privilege of guest writing the blog post for the National CML


A room full of people whisper quietly as music softly plays in the background. Images flash upon a screen revealing a smiling kindergartener sporting a mortar board and tassel. Others appear showing a confident young man speaking to a group of people; a groom holding the hand of his bride; a father reading a story

High Flyin’ Survivor

We recently had the opportunity to take some time to get to know NCMLS friend, Kim Collum McGinnis and hear how a Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia diagnosis has changed her life. It was May 2009 when she received the diagnosis of CML and found herself spiraling downward into one of the toughest times in her life.

What does survivorship mean to you?

With television shows like Man vs. Wild, Get Out Alive, and Worst Case Scenario, writer and adventurer Bear Grylis knows all about braving the roughest and most treacherous aspects of nature. While he may be known more for his dramatic adventures on the Discovery Channel, his acquaintance with survivorship goes far beyond the 39 –

Are You In?

Have you ever asked someone “are you in?” when planning a trip or activity? It’s quite likely that you may be nodding your head as you read this and saying “yes!” These three words are found in all types of conversations but never more profoundly when one is in need of a true friend’s support

Sticks and stones may break my bones BUT…

For many of us, it is easy to finish the phrase “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never harm me.” This children’s rhyme, attributed to an 1862 publication of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, was meant to encourage any victim of name-calling to ignore the taunt, avoid retaliation, and to remain